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Sam Kane: Author. Teacher. Self Defense Instructor

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The Pilgrim's Soul

April 6, 2021

Simon Floyd, a man whose story on earth is ending, is about to discover first hand all that the human spirit can conjure. Dropped into a world of ancient wonders, gravity defying landscapes, and lost souls, Simon is given a second chance. Though he does not know it, Simon is about to embark upon an adventure that has the ability to reshape the universe.

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The Widening Gyre

December 23, 2021

Humanity has lost its connection to the eternal. The infinite, however, has not forgotten about humanity. 

Simon Floyd finds himself reborn with a mission: to bring proof of the afterlife to all mankind. However, the reality of contemporary existence forces Simon to admit that the world has lost its ability to believe. When a threat powerful enough to destroy reality itself appears, Simon must choose to save a world that has rejected him, or sit idly by as it is consumed by darkness.

In the sequel to The Pilgrim’s Soul, Sam Kane brings the reader back to the fantastical world of Dara, and encourages them to ask  one simple question: what would happen if they were told the afterlife was real? 

Home: Latest Work

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A native of Colorado, Samuel Kane lives and works as a high school English teacher in New Orleans, Louisiana. He studied at the University of New Orleans and earned a degree in English. When he isn’t grading papers or creating lesson plans, Kane enjoys traveling, backpacking, and spending time with his family.

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